The Birth of Our Conference

Digging a Ditch: The Story Behind Our Conference

Have you ever wondered how The Renewal Conference began?

After hearing my former pastor, Jason Whalen, preach a moving message on the old testament prophet Elisha, I felt a stirring in my heart that God was calling me to take a step of faith and to “dig a ditch.”

You may have heard the story in 2 Kings 3 about the Israelite kings who came to Elisha for help against Moab. Just before the battle, Israel’s army found themselves in the desert without water; Elisha told them “This is what the Lord says: Make this valley full of ditches(that) shall be filled with water.” In my words… start digging, start preparing, and get ready because God is going to do what seems impossible and fill those trenches with water. Of course, the water came and the Israelites prevailed.

I felt God challenging me to take a risk and that is when my “digging” began. I felt God calling us to create a conference for everyone that works with and invests in children, no matter the setting, no matter their calling. A conference that would bring together people like you– that seek to enrich the lives of children and their families. A conference to bring water into weary and dry places in your soul.

I am so glad that you have joined us on this special day. This day is for you! And after all the digging and preparing…today is the day that God is going to begin to pour down the rain.

My prayer is that His rain will refresh and renew you.

Lindy Giesser
Conference Coordinator

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