Breakout Session Options

2019 Breakout Options

Why Preschool Math Matters – Speaker: Tina Daigre

Teaching more than counting, numbers, & shape recognition is important in early development. Learn fun ways to integrate math concepts and critical thinking in your classroom.

Not So Troubling Transitions – Speaker: Tina Daigre

Learn how effective transitions positively impact children’s behavior and the classroom environment.

Title 22: Licensing – Speaker: Bettina Engelman

Presenter will summarize implementation of new legislation that impacts child care centers; review most common licensing deficiencies; and answer audience questions on licensing issues.

Inspired Art for the Classroom – Speaker: Barbara Toribio

Please join us as we explore the differences between process and product art. You will learn how to provide art experiences on a budget and how to creatively display your children’s art creations. There will be examples of easy art projects on display and resources with websites will be distributed.

Establishing Relationships with Millennial Parents – Speaker: Jeneane Stevens

Do you feel you are really connecting with your millennial parent? Not only with communication but relationally. Millennial parents march to a different drummer. We will be reviewing creative and effective means of communication and connection.

What?? Are We Seeing Bullies in Preschool? – Speaker: Jeneane Stevens

Circumventing the bully cycle and helping preschoolers build social competence in young children.

The Importance of Building Parent-Teacher Relationships – Speaker: Phyllis Williamson

Both parents and teachers have an important role to play. Roles do not replace but rather complement and reinforce the other’s role. In this workshop, you will receive some useful methods on how to build a positive relationship with parents.

Learning Through Play – Speaker: Phyllis Williamson

Kindergarteners still learn best through play. Play activates the pleasure centers of the brain. Because something is fun and feels good the brain wants to repeat it. Come learn and play with us.

Look What I Made – Speaker: Phyllis Williamson

Although some may regard art education as a luxury, creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development. We will explore the benefits of art and participants will make two art projects. Join us for this hands-on workshop.

ABCs, Writing and More Made Fun! – Speaker: Ramona Thomas

Want teaching ABCs, Writing and other literacy activities to be something children are looking forward to doing, rather than looking forward to finishing? Learn fun developmentally appropriate activities that you can do throughout the day to make learning language and literacy Fun, Hands-On and Engaging!

Challenging Behaviors During Transitions & More – Speaker: Lori Watkins

Tired of spending so much time during transitions handling behavioral issues? Learn great strategies that will help you handle challenging behaviors and at the same time, positively impact children’s learning, reduce your stress, and improve your program!

Make Bible-Based Learning Come Alive! – Speaker: Lori Watkins

How do you illustrate Bible learning and concepts and make it stick? How do you help children memorize scripture and learn Bible stories and make it impactful? How do you bring Bible into your classroom subjects? Come discover ideas and strategies to make Bible learning come alive!

Equip Your Kids to Thrive in 5 Words or Less – Speaker: Jen Sodestrom

In this engaging session, Jen Sodestrom shares the skills she uses in her own home, classroom, and ministry to help kids become independent thinkers, self assessors, and wise decision makers. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab some practical tools (phrases) for your ministry tool belt. You may even find they help you grow, too.

Curiosity: Your Secret Weapon for Child Development – Speaker: Jen Sodestrom

What if you could harness a child’s curiosity for their greatest good? In this session, Jen Sodestrom, a mother, teacher, and children’s pastor, shares how a healthy approach to a child’s curiosity can position you to influence their character for years to come. Learn how to step into life’s stickiest topics with your kids so they can grow and learn in a safe, loving, and informative environment.

Sensory Integration and Self Regulation in the Classroom – Speaker: Melissa Hightower

When teachers understand self regulation and our classroom environment promotes it, children thrive. In this class, we will discuss the three main components of sensory integration and how they contribute to self regulation in a preschool or Sunday School classroom.

Sensory Integration at Work: Supporting the Wiggliest Children – Speaker: Melissa Hightower

How children organize sensation in our classrooms affects their behavior. We will be discussing strategies and techniques for helping children be alert, organized, and calm. This breakout is ideal for people working with children who might be hyper active, hypo active, sensory seeking, or sensory avoiding.

Ooey Gooey Fun! – Speaker: Melissa Hightower

Come and talk about fun ways to amp up the science area of your classroom! A sensory area is an important part of young children’s learning. You will leave this class with recipes and ideas you can institute in your classroom right away! This is an interactive class.

Finding Your Rhythm of Rest – Speaker: Melissa Hightower

Serving families and children is hard heart work! Are you caring well for yourself and your heart or are you pouring out from an empty cup? We will talk about practical ways to build rest into your day and week so that your cup is always full.

Ministry Administration 101 – Speaker: Brett Smith

You’re passionate about spending time with children and love teaching them about God. But what about leading a ministry team/department? If you’re a new ministry leader or you find yourself frustrated with some of the organizational and administrative tasks related to ministry leadership, we hope this session will provide some insights and tools that might help your ministry thrive.

Five Tricks for Recruiting Summer Volunteers – Speaker: Ryan Frank

Spring can be a mad dash to recruit volunteers for summer. In this session, Ryan will share five secrets for getting all the help you need!

Barrier Busters in Ministry – Speaker: Ryan Frank

Leading a children’s ministry can be challenging! How do you overcome those big obstacles and barriers? The solution to overcoming barriers in ministry is often found in asking the right questions!

Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Pastor – Speaker: Ryan Frank

Ever wish you could vote your pastor off the island? He has probably wished the same for you! In this very practical session, learn how to start working as a team!

What I Wish I Could Go Back and Tell My 22-Year-Old Children’s Pastor Self – Speaker: Ryan Frank

After serving in children’s ministry for 20+ years and working with thousands of children’s ministry leaders, Ryan shares some secrets for effectively leading a children’s ministry

Helping Children Become Prayer Warriors – Power of Prayer – Speaker: Shanthi Ebenezer

Learn how to teach children the power of prayer and help them develop a healthy prayer life at an early age. Practical instruction will be given to help and teach children to pray different topics, pray God’s Word back to Him, pray in the name of Jesus, pray the Lord’s prayer, and teach children to cultivate a powerful prayer life at a young age. Each participant will receive a 21-day prayer guide to pray for the children in their lives.

Supporting Challenging Behaviors for Young Children – Speaker: Joyce Lee

We will look at what we might consider to be challenging behaviors, why children do what they do; a developmental perspective; strategies to support children.

Delivering Effective Feedback in 2 Minutes or Less: Communication Part 1 of 2 – Speaker: Annie Chin

We all value speaking the truth in love; but, can it really be done in 2 minutes or less? Yes, it can! Have you ever wished you could find the words to share a difficult truth with someone? Do you avoid tough conversations for fear of not having the right words or enough time to end things well? Ephesians 4:15 identifies a hope for interactive love and growth that makes everyone yearn for harmony & connectedness in communication. This dynamic is what makes this seminar one of my most sought after training topics. In this seminar, we’ll review simple but effective techniques to develop short and clear messages anchored in truth and love. During this interactive workshop you’ll also have the opportunity to practice the techniques presented allowing you to leave ready to apply your new skills.

Leadership Strategies to Increase Collaboration & Consensus: Communication Part 2 of 2 – Speaker: Annie Chin

Do strong minds or personalities sometimes distract your volunteers or staff from the direction that you sense God is leading the team? Does the recurring challenge to keep ministry programs staffed and running in a world where the workers are few keep you from providing needed direction to those you lead? This workshop, focused on ministry leaders, will outline time-tested techniques to enhance interactive communication that fosters shared goals and creative problem solving with individuals and teams. Come ready to find new ways to maximize opportunities, to motivate individuals, and to develop an increased dynamic of connected influence with the ones you lead.

Win the Kids, Win the Future – Speaker: Catherine Hwang

Children are the future of the church – what are you doing to win the kids to Christ when they come to your Children’s Ministry? Whether you’re just getting started or looking to increase your impact, come learn some practical ways to think about your unique strengths and tools to reach the future generation.

Help! I Have 3 Kids and I’m in Charge! – Speaker: Catherine Hwang

It’s a constant struggle to find balance living with serving. Be encouraged and filled as we create a safe place to develop a Godly perspective of priorities that allow us to function within our God-given gifts, personalities, and seasons of life with a renewed heart for joyfully serving our family and the family of God.

Power – Give it Away – Speaker: Catherine Hwang

As a leader do you hoard power or give it away? Do you micro manage towards failure or inspire towards success? When you give away power and authority to team members, you build deep trust that promotes optimism, accountability and measurable results.

WHAT! Generation Alpha? – Speaker: Catherine Hwang

According to research, 2.5 million members of Generation Alpha are born every week around the world…. What are we creatively doing to reach this generation?

How to Stay Afloat When You Feel Like You are Drowning – Speaker: Cindy Meier

Whatever role you have in an EE center, there are times when you feel overwhelmed and want to give up. DON’T!! Come be blessed with practical ways you can overcome these frustrations and be affirmed!

50 of the Best Tried and True Classroom Activities – Speaker: Cindy Meier

We can try so many things, some work, some don’t! Come hear 50+ of the BEST tried and true activities to implement into your classroom.

What Happened to Nature in our Classrooms? Let’s Bring it Back! – Speaker: Cindy Meier

With an ever changing world, and technology advancing so quickly, let’s look at how important nature is in our classrooms and environment. The seminar will provide many practical ideas to implement.

Tired of Being Thought of as a Babysitter? – Speaker: Cindy Meier

Unfortunately in the field of Early Education, many still believe we babysit all day long. Come hear about the components we can put in place to gain the respect, articulate foundational philosophies, and move others forward in their thinking of us as an educator and professional.

Using Loose Parts to Support Emerging Language and Literacy Development – Speaker: Lisa Daly

Loose parts nurture a culture of language and literacy development. Fascinating stories and captivating photographs will be shared of how children use loose parts as props to engage in rich conversations, more complex language, and storytelling with peers and adults. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how ample, continuous use of loose parts helps children improve their memories, vocabularies, and literacy. Inspiring and meaningful language arts experiences with loose parts will be revealed.

Social Media Basics – How to Maximize Your Impact with Minimum Effort – Speaker: Molly Smith

Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, Oh my! Navigating social media causes anxiety. How do you find a balance between marketing and information that will draw people in and keep them engaged? These digital platforms are great marketing tools but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by knowing what to post and when. We will discuss some basic social media strategies that will ensure big impact with little effort.

Setting Expectations with Multi-Generational Teams – Speaker: Molly Smith

Don’t get stuck in a generational battle about office hours and dress codes. Set and communicate your expectations to establish a fair guideline for everyone involved. It can be a challenge to respond to the expectations of your team while setting your own standards for them. In addition to personal hopes, generational preferences play a part in what people want from their work and volunteer experiences. We’ll talk about establishing standards for the entire team and knowing when to be flexible with staff of various generations.

The Cost of Leadership – Speaker: Molly Smith

Even the strongest leaders find that leading a team can be costly. The daily task of motivating a team can weigh heavily on a leader and encouragement can be hard to find. This session will present some of the ways leadership affects people and will offer some self-care techniques to help leaders see the rewards over the struggles. This discussion will be great for veteran leaders and those aspiring to be leaders in the future.

Beyond Organization – Speaker: Kimberly Shaw

Let’s face it: it’s a crazy busy world, and we are among the busiest. Let’s talk about how to practically organize our lives so that we can be busy without feeling overwhelmed.

Gathering, Equipping and Inspiring Volunteers – Speaker: Kimberly Shaw

Finding volunteers is one of the most essential things you do in ministry. This seminar will explore ways to gather your volunteers, how to train them, and how to help them move forward.

Leading Change – Speaker: Kimberly Shaw

Each of us tend to look at change a little differently: resignation, excitement, dread. The list goes on. This seminar looks at change as something to be embraced and something to lead others toward and through

Learning from Play: Thinking in Action – Speakers: Leanne Leak & Pat Baer

As educators, we know that play is not only fun but a great source of insight into children, their thinking, and ways to expand what they are learning. Come for a celebration of the wonderful gift of play!

Whatever is Good and True: Conversations with Children – Speakers: Leanne Leak & Pat Baer

Relationships are powerful and teachers have the privilege of helping children feel seen and treasured in the classroom. Through conversations, we shape children’s thinking and give them tools to understand their experiences and emotions and to grow in competence. Relationship plus language equals growth. Come for techniques for engaging and affirming children.

Answering Autism – Speaker: Amanda Withers

Answering Autism is designed for you to learn strategies, techniques, and communication methods with parents who have children on the spectrum. Creating the right environment for these children sets you up as educators and ministry leaders to be successful not only in your environment but leverages your rapport with parents as well. This breakout is great for anyone serving those with special needs, may suspect they have a child needing additional supports in their learning environment, or how to handle challenging behaviors. This breakout will largely be interactive in our time together, providing practical answers to questions that at times are hard or even uncomfortable to ask.

Be Faithful, Not Comfortable – Speaker: Tyler Withers

Is Satan frustrated with you? He should be. If not, why not? In our pursuit to be faithful in leadership, we have to let go of being so comfortable without our set limits. Think beyond yourself. What is your big dream/picture for your ministry or life? Will you turn and trust God’s good purposes for you even thought it might get bumpy? Will you take the easy road and blend in? Or will you take the narrow road and stand out? In this breakout we will look at what faithfulness looks like that should make our enemy tremble. For when we shine like light, we are faithfully stepping in to all that God has created us to be.

Maintaining Intrinsic Motivation – Speaker: Lyndale Garner

Children are inherently, intrinsically motivated to learn. Oftentimes what happens from birth to 1st grade are practices, through child rearing and education, that undermines intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is linked to high academic achievement and the promotion of individuals that are lifelong learners.

Raising Godly Citizens in an Ungodly World – Speaker: Lyndale Garner

A discussion about the awesome responsibility that God has given us to “steward” our children so that they have the characteristics that will enable them to live a full life in Christ Jesus.

Emergent Curriculum – It’s What’s in Front of You! – Speaker: Rissa Scott

Dinosaurs. Magnetics. Playdoh. There’s a theme under the play of your students. Do you know what it is? Do you know how to develop a curriculum that provides invitations and provocations to your student’s play? Is it a challenge to expand on the interests of your students? Come learn how to take their play to a deeper level of learning that is engaging, inviting and relevant to your students! In this workshop learn how emergent curriculum can help you to develop activities/projects that connect to the interests of your students. We will learn the importance of observing and reflecting to discover the theme in the play of your students. We will discuss and address challenges as well as brainstorm curriculum ideas. This is a hands-on workshop where participants will walk through the process of developing a lesson plan. If possible, participants should attend with their co-teacher.

Operation Outside Play – Speakers: Arnell Martinez & Sandra Sams

The outside play area offers a great place to expand children’s learning and skills. We are going to explore bringing centers from the inside to the outside. Please join us for fun under the Son.

Fired Up Praise and Worship – Preschool Focus – Speaker: Jana Alayra

Jana will be sharing techniques, tips, songs, and Biblical inspiration for leading praise and worship with young ones. Leading children in worshipping the Lord is not only fun – it’s a priceless opportunity to influence little souls and minds permanently. The songs and memories you share with them can delight, encourage, and stick with them on their spiritual journey for years to come.

Life in Balance – Speaker: Loralee Boe

Can you say “no” and not feel guilty? Does being a Christian equate to being a doormat? Having the proper priorities an bring a fruitful ministry, personal peace, and a defined purpose. What more could we ask? Come learn some surprisingly simple ways to streamline your schedule and discern the roles God is truly calling you to fulfill.

Fun Doesn’t Have to be Chaos – Speaker: Loralee Boe

To have a classroom run with discipline and order does not have to negate having FUN! In fact, with a plan and an environment that minimizes conflict, there is more time and energy for enjoyable learning activities. Come learn “tried and true” and “new and surprising” techniques and philosophies.

Parent Faire – Speaker: Loralee Boe

Hosting a Parent Faire can be a compelling outreach to your community. It is a great way to answer the ongoing questions in parents’ minds about current issues. Learn how to arrange a variety of topics, speakers, panels and community resources so you can reach a wide spectrum of parents.

Those Difficult People (You Gotta Love ‘Em) – Speaker: Loralee Boe

Not just a cute catch phrase … it is Biblical truth. This session will help identify personality types that may conflict with our own and techniques to deal with them. Having grace and boundaries together is challenging but worth the effort.

Introduction and Starting Together to Change – Speakers: Michael Beckner, LMFT & LPCC and Latisha Lintag, AMFT

Part 1: Putting an end to arguing, backtalk, and begging; Part 2: Teaching responsibility without losing their love

Establishing Health Boundaries for All – Speakers: Michael Beckner, LMFT & LPCC and Latisha Lintag, AMFT

Part 1: Setting limits without waging war; Part 2: Avoiding power struggles

Guiding Kids to Personal Responsibilities – Speakers: Michael Beckner, LMFT & LPCC and Latisha Lintag, AMFT

Part 1: Guiding kids to own and resolve their problems; Part 2: Teaching kids to complete chores without reminders or pay

Discussion, Problem Solving & Resources – Speakers: Michael Beckner, LMFT & LPCC and Latisha Lintag, AMFT

Discussion about special challenges – special needs and/or strong-willed children

Ideas for Fearlessly Fun and Faith-Filled Family Services – Speaker: Gabriel Galdamez

Experience ideas first-hand for structuring and leading a dynamic and interactive service with worship, games, scripture memorization, and a story that appeals to all ages. You’ll see how kids and adults alike can walk away with great memories and an even greater message. Get ready to have some fun!

Crazy Creative Ideas for Sharing the Gospel – Speaker: Gabriel Galdamez

You don’t need iPads or video games to captivate a child’s attention …. All you need is a little imagination. Join us as we explore interactive ways to teach children and families the old, old stories in a new, new way.

Building a Team, Creating a Space – Speaker: Gabriel Galdamez

Let’s explore what makes or breaks a strong ministry team. Let’s share ways to strengthen your team spiritually, emotionally, and socially while creating a safe space for you to truly encourage and connect with each other

Dynamic Lessons with Puppets & Music – Speaker: Gabriel Galdamez

Variety is the spice of life. Whether you’re flying solo or have some volunteers to help, come learn how to apply puppetry and music to make your lessons more dynamic!

The Power of Words – Speaker: Lynn Marie Gault

Whether interacting with children, parents, or co-workers, well-placed words can powerfully influence people. Children, in particular, are shaped as they watch and listen, picking up significant cues and messages that may be permanently imprinted.

Perseverance: Pushing Through the Quitting Points – Speaker: Lynn Marie Gault

Life is full of quitting points; it is especially tempting to give up on frustrating people. We assume they will never change. But is that always true? Does God see possibilities in people that we may not see? This class empowers you to see people (especially children) through God’s eyes. See potential in children who desperately need people who will hang in there with them and help them grow.

Life in the Unsettled: Wait, Watch & Worship – Speaker: Kelly McIntosh

Life can be hard & complicated at times – just so unsettling! We want to be anywhere but here! We want to be on the other side – like the Israelites at the Jordan River, ready to stop the wandering in the wilderness & start the parade in the promise land! In Joshua 3, we catch a glimpse of God’s plan for us when we are ready to cross over. His plan, wait, watch & worship, provides a framework to help us move to the other side, where our feet are firmly planted and life doesn’t seem so unsettled.

Creative Clues for Discipline: The 3 R’s – Speaker: Kelly McIntosh

A man saw a woman at the park with 5 children all under the age of 8. He asked, “Are these all yours or are you on some kind of picnic?” She replied, “These are all mine and I can assure you … it is no picnic!” Sometimes, parenting/teaching is “no picnic.” Through a humorous and example-filled seminar, we’ll learn simple, hands-on techniques for helping us with the young ones in our care. We’ll consider what God says about discipline from Proverbs 6:20-23 as we look at Creative Clues for Discipline – the 3 R’s: Respect (teach), Redirect (watch over), & Restore (talk).

Kelly McIntosh is the founder and director of Shining Light Preschool over 20 years ago. As a single mom, raising two children, she didn’t always have a clue, but she tried to enjoy the picnic!

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